Quick sale

Easy to set up and great for any business with over-the-counter service.

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Point-of-sale App

Login to AccentPOS and start selling straight away.

Card reader

A compact card reader with WiFi & GPRS connectivity.

AccentPOS Hub

Manage your menu and accounts with ease.

Connected hardware

Choose between wireless and traditional integrated hardware.


An easy-to-use online platform to manage your entire business in real time.

The AccentPOS Hub empowers business owners and company administrators to manage their single-outlet or multi-outlet business from anywhere. Team management, account creation, menu confuration and metrics about individual outlets or the company as a whole allow quick decisions to be well-informed.

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"It's compact, easy to use and my staff love it. For a small cafe owner like myself the quick sale feature works perfectly, and with the additional heads-up display I don't have to worry about the food!"

- Coffee Shop Owner


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