Product overview

EPOS which has all of your favourite functions, whilst maintaining its ease-of-use, no training required.

  1. Integrated payments
  2. Order management
  3. Takeaway & Delivery
  4. Inventory
  5. Reporting & Analytics
  6. Process scheduling
  7. Multi-outlets
  8. Customer engagement
  9. Support

Integrated payments

No double-keying

No more mistakes, the total can be sent directly from AccentPOS to your card machine, this can be split into multiple payments. Integrated payments provides one-tap cash-up at the end of the shift. No more manual reconciling.

Pay at the table

There aren't any wires involved, you can bring the terminal to the table. Print the bill on the move directly from your iPad, and then initiate the payment from AccentPOS at the table.

Wireless printing

Experience the freedom of printing from any of your devices. No more waiting behind another member of the team whilst they print their bill. Print the bill quickly and easily from AccentPOS.

Contactless payments

Contactless payments which support any of the major credit/debit card providers. Give your customers a great experience with Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing them to pay directly from their smartphone.

Order management

Keepings tabs

Unpaid tabs stay open even after you cash-up the shift. Allocate a tab number to an individual or party, payments can be applied at any time. The tab is then closed once payment has been taken in full.

Table management

See all of your active tables within the tab panel, where items can be added throughout the duration of your customer's visit. Metrics can be viewed in your dashboard about average customer spend, table turnaround and more.

Live panel

Keeping your team up-to-date on everything going on in your outlet down to the second. The Live Panel is always on hand within AccentPOS, with visual cues which prompt team members when customers have been waiting too long.

Automated communication

Orders are sent to the relevant areas in your outlet in real time, with automatic printing. Kitchen and Bar staff notify the front-of-house when orders are ready to be collected with a quick notification delivered directly to their iPad.

Allocated bookings

Bookings that are added to AccentPOS are sent to the Hub where customers can be allocated to a specific table before their visit, allowing you to efficiently utilise the space within your outlet.

Portable ordering

AccentPOS works with WiFi or cellular/4G networks. This makes it ideal for mobile businesses where a fixed WiFi connection may not be possible. Taking payments on the move has never been easier.

Takeaway & Delivery

Powered by:

Centralised transactions

Takeaway orders from popular online/app providers can be sent to AccentPOS in real time. All the transactions are shown in one centralised Cashout, even if they originated from an external online platform. No need to merge multiple end-of-day reports.

Seamless preparation

Orders that are sent from our supported Takeaway partners are displayed and printed in the Kitchen, allowing for efficent preparation of all orders regardless of their origin. Completing the order also notifies the platform that the order has been prepared.

Simple configuration

All of your chosen Takeaway platforms can be easily added to AccentPOS using our Takeaway integration partner, Deliverect. Now there is no need to purchase another hardware package for each provider. Save money while your efficiency sky-rockets!

Stock control

With our MarketMan integration, AccentPOS automatically updates stock levels across all your chosen Takeaway platforms, ensuring that customers always receive exactly what they ordered. If an item is out of stock, it cannot be ordered.


Powered by:

Inventory control

Our inventory integration allows you to know your stock quantity and item values in real time. Stock levels are automatically adjusted whenever an order is placed within AccentPOS and you can also track wastage and theft.

Item costings

Adding costing to your items gives you the freedom to plan and budget ingredients and preparations, while also being able to track the profitability of your menu items. Making subtle changes to your ingredients could vastly improve overall profitability.

Supplier ordering

Configure and manage ordering of stock from your preferred suppliers. Items can be ordered automatically when a stock level is met, or you can manually create new purchase orders from the system. Deliveries can be checked and added to the stock level inside the app.

Reporting & Analytics

In-app reports

Transactions for the current shift are recorded inside the AccentPOS app. The Manager can print an X report at any time during the shift to get an overview of the data, and can print a Z report to close the shift and get a final report. Card reports can also be printed.


Your transaction history is securely stored in the AccentPOS Hub, where you can filter your accounts by period. You can also export your accounts to your chosen Accounting platforms or grant access to your Accountant for real-time viewing.

Dashboard insights

The AccentPOS Hub Dashboard gives you useful insights into your business such as data on Footfall and Revenue. These live insights update as the shift progresses, building a picture of your business. The insights can also be filtered to show a specific period.

Advanced analytics

For those that like to analyse all elements of their business data, advanced analytics are availlble to download from the AccentPOS Hub, where you can manipulate the data and add projections and compare theoretical vs. actual data.

Process Scheduling

Powered by:

Daily checklists

Our process scheduling partner simplifies the important but repetitive jobs, from cleaning checks to delivery logs, freeing you up to do what you do best: serve customers. You can setup custom checklists and send reminders to staff to complete them on-time.

Data logging

Quickly capture data from all your critical checks. Automatically prompt your teams to take corrective action if data is outside the normal range. This helps to protect you from unforeseen events, such as fridge or freezer failure that could lead to serious losses.

Powerful scheduling

Whether it’s daily or every 6 months - make sure tasks are completed at the right time, while giving teams the right level of autonomy and flexibility. Automatically alert the right person or team at the right time when something needs to be done.

Task automation

Create windows of time for total control over when tasks are completed whether it’s in an hour or over a month. Each site or team has their own individual list of tasks which can be tailored to their needs.


Easy management

The AccentPOS Hub allows a tiered user structure, ensuring that all team members have access to the correct tools to help them succeed. Head office can view data about the company as a whole, or individual outlets within the business.

Flexible roles

Assign roles to all users inside AccentPOS to determine their access levels, permissions and available functions. Managers can be assigned to multiple outlets if necessary to create a complex organisational structure.

Scalable outlets

New outlets can be configured in minutes from the head office or by the manager. Business details can be added, users and menus can be assigned with one-click. AccentPOS is designed to help you scale.


A multi-outlet business relies on its staff to perform well and provide a great customer experience. With AccentPOS, there is no need for a lengthy training session with new staff members, they will be able to step into their role immediately, with full confidence.

Customer engagment

View the menu

Customers can browse through your menus and decide on what they’re having before sitting at the table. When a customer requests to see your menus, the chatbot responds with a list of menus to browse through.

Booking requests

You can train the chatbot to respond to booking requests in a way that suits your restaurant. Our partners have trained Feebi to link up with your table reservation software, allowing guests to quickly and easily book from with the conversation flow.

Opening times

Our chatbot responds with a list of your regular opening times whenever it is asked for generic opening times. When a specific date is asked, the chatbot reponds with that day's opening times only.

Superfast responses

Save time on answering general questions about your outlet and let our chatbot handle this for you. It handles general queries and responds with your outlet's specific information. All you need to do is input the correct information.


A helping hand

AccentPOS is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about your business. For support and guidance, we regularly maintain our online support centre, which contains simple guides about the entire AccentPOS system.

Reliability & Performance

AccentPOS is built on a foundation of user feedback which results in effortless usability and lightning performance. AccentPOS is designed to support you under pressure, providing a reassurance that you can provide the highest levels of service.

Quick setup

Getting started with AccentPOS is quick and easy. We facilitate your hardware requirements and then arrange setup with you at your convenience. We can either do on-site or remote setups depending on your requirements. Either way you will receive a warm welcome.

Dedicated support

Our team is always happy to assist with your AccentPOS journey. From initial demo to setup, you'll have a dedicated account manager available to answer your questions. The same account manager will also contact you regularly to ensure your satisfaction.