Paymentsense UK

We know your business is your life. You live it. You breathe it. Well, we’re the same. And our passion is helping you get paid for less.

Paymentsense UK

Merchant services that go beyond ordinary

Fed up of the big banks? Want more for your money? Look no further. We’re throwing out the rule book, doing things differently and putting you first. Forget hold music and long wait times. Say goodbye robots and hello to humans. High rates? Not us, our rates are low (promise). We provide merchant services that you can always count on. We use our heads a bit more. Because no business is the same, we don’t believe accepting card payments should be the same. Makes sense, right? Our range of card machines help you take money on the move, around your premises or at the till. Need to take payments online? We’ll sort that too with payment gateways, such as online payments, pay by phone and pay by link systems to suit your business. After all, it’s all about you, not us.

Does your till speak to your card machine?

Discover Integrated payments. It lets your card machine and till talk to each other for simpler sales.

  • Fast transactions
  • No more miskeying
  • Easy end of day

Connect™. Integrated Payments like no other.

Paymentsense Connect is a cloud-based service that securely links your card machine and AccentPOS. The result? Faster transactions, fewer errors and easier end of day cash-ups.

Connect is fast, convenient and free

With your till and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions twice so no more chargebacks, miskeyed transactions and long queues. Everything can be quickly reconciled with an easy end of day cash-up.

It fits the bill

Two tills and one card machine? One till and three card machines? Connect is shaped around your needs - whether you take money in one place, two places or all over the shop.

A single point of support

Connect is Paymentsense’s own technology, so their call centre can answer all your queries.

No added cost

Connect costs nothing to set up and run. Technology like this was once expensive, complex and inflexible. Now every business can offer their customers a simpler and better payment experience.

Multiple terminals and all major cards accepted.

Countertop, Portable and Mobile are supported, as are e-commerce and transactions via phone. In addition, it accepts every major card scheme: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay and Android Pay - including contactless payments.

Connect Pay at Counter

Connect Pay at Counter suits any business that uses a fixed EPOS - and you can connect any number of tills or card machines. If you take payments at the counter, Connect makes sure your card machine and EPOS are side by side in more ways than one.

  • It’s a revolution. The biggest thing since contactless.
  • Speedy transactions. Shorten queues and watch profits soar.
  • No more mistakes. Say goodbye to manual errors, bad maths and double keying.
  • Easier reporting. Everything just adds up.
  • Happier customers. We all love a smoother payment experience.

And there’s more:

  • Super speedy setup: Get started within 3 days. Paymentsense card machines come ready to go, just plug in and begin taking payments.
  • It fits the bill: Two tills and one card machine? One till and three card machines? Connect is shaped around your needs - whether you take money in one place, two places or all over the shop.
  • Integration is free: Connect comes with no extra cost for Paymentsense customers.
  • No third parties: You’ll always deal directly with Paymentsense. Paymentsense offer 24/7 support - always with a real person.
  • Paymentsense app: Your business in your pocket. View transactions, account information and spending patterns, so you can make better business decisions.
  • PCI compliance support: If you need it, Paymentsense also offers help over the phone. Their PCI quiz masters will guide you through the assessment questions.
  • Automated receipt rolls delivery: Never run out of receipt roll again with Paymentsense’s automated delivery service.