AI chatbot to swiftly answer your restaurant's online enquiries, so you don't have to.


A better way to save time and keep your customers happy.

AccentPOS utilises Feebi to handle restaurant enquiries so you can focus on improving your guests overall experience. Save time answering online enquiries on your social media, leaving you to spend your time with your guests. Give your guests an instant response 24/7 to any questions they have about your restaurant.

What is Feebi?

Feebi handles restaurant enquiries so you can focus on improving your guests overall experience. It links directly with your Facebook business page and replies to yur customers automatically, this takes the long hours of administration answering the same questions over and over again. Spend your time doing more things which make a real difference to your business!

What can Feebi do?

  • Table reservations: Feebi links up with your table reservation software, allowing quick and easy bookings from your website and social media.
  • Menu requests: Customers can browse through your menus and decide on what they’re having even before arriving at the table.
  • FAQ's: Feebi handles general queries and responds with your restaurant's specific information.
  • Opening times: Feebi can inform the customer of your regular opening times and with any specific holiday times.
  • Instant replies: Feebi instantly replies to customers on your website & social media, so your customers get immediate answers 24/7.
  • Customer queries: Feebi is able to answer a range of customer queries such as opening times, dietary requests and table reservations.
  • AI & Machine Learning: Feebi uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to accurately determine your customers requests.

Easy to set up in only 15 minutes

We have done all the conversation design for you, to save you time and to make sure nothing is missed. All you need to do is fill in your restaurant details, and Feebi will respond to the user with the information you provide.

  1. Connect Feebi with your Facebook page
  2. Answer some questions about your restaurant
  3. Publish to your social media and website