Keeping the tabs

Quick checkout

Assign tabs to tables or individuals, ensuring every customer is served quickly with no risk of unpaid tabs. Flexiblity allows orders to be taken both at the bar and at the table by one of your service staff.

AccentPOS iPad billing screen
AccentPOS iPad login screen

Staff registered transactions

Staff Multi-login

Staff members can be allocated to a pre-saved list of users on each iPad allowing for swift transitions between usage at the bar. Each staff member has a unique identifier which can be managed through the AccentPOS® online interface.

It's far from rocket science

No training required

AccentPOS® has been inspired by years of user-driven research. Ask any of our existing customers: the interface is easy to pick up and use with no training required to know exactly what you need to do and how you've got to do it. Let us know what you think via our feedback channel!

AccentPOS training for staff intuitive interface

Stations make workflow flexible

Category destinations

Via the menu-configuration, stations can be allocated to different categories. For example, a drinks station can be setup in your outlet, once allocated, all drinks orders will be sent instantly to the heads-up drinks view. Fast efficient workflow, happy customers.

AccentPOS multi-channel iPad POS solution
AccentPOS iPad custom ordering with menu configuration

Make changes instantly

Flexible menu configuration

Categorise your menu the way you need it, when you need it. Changes and additions to your menu can be made instantly. Multiple menus can be stored within the online interface, allowing for seasonal, specials, takeaway and many more menu types.

Accounting on your terms

Transaction history management

One complete shift of transactions is stored on the Cashout section of the application. Once this has been cashed out for the day, all of these transactions are stored within the online interface where an aggregated history of all transactions is stored.

AccentPOS online interface accounting

Revolutionise your front-of-house

Visual table management

Customers can make their booking via your website by integrating our easy-to-install widget. Bookings come directly into your online interface where automated responses are sent back to your customers to confirm their bookings. Front-of-house can then easily differentiate between pre-bookings, allowing for efficient table allocation.

AccentPOS iPad visual bookings
AccentPOS website bookings widget

Plug-and-play bookings for your website

Bookings widget

Let us know if you need any help installing your widget. Once installed your customers can start booking straight away.

heads-up chefs, this is great!

Kitchen view

Once waiters have sent order directly from the table side, they appear instantly in the intuitive kitchen view, showing the chefs important metrics including dish view for batch cooking and wave service.

AccentPOS iPad kitchen view for chefs