Stations make workflow flexible

Category destinations

Via the menu-configuration, stations can be allocated to different categories. For example, a drinks station can be setup in your outlet, once allocated, all drinks orders will be sent instantly to the heads-up drinks view. Fast efficient workflow, happy customers.

AccentPOS multi-channel cloud-based POS
AccentPOS custom menu configuration

Make changes instantly

Flexible menu configuration

Categorise your menu the way you need it, when you need it. Changes and additions to your menu can be made instantly. Multiple menus can be stored within the online interface, allowing for seasonal, specials, takeaway and many more menu types.

Accounting on your terms

Transaction history management

One complete shift of transactions is stored on the Cashout section of the application. Once this has been cashed out for the day, all of these transactions are stored within the online interface where an aggregated history of all transactions is stored.

AccentPOS online interface CSV exportable accounting